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Because business IS personal

27 Jun

It's Business. It IS personal

Posted by John Hennessy

We often hear the term "it's only business", often from someone trying to excuse doing something selfish, rude, or just plain mean. Bad behavior seems to be more common when both parties are anonymous. As online sales become the norm rather than the exception, we rarely get to know the people we do business with. I think business is personal. I don't assume we are friends just because you bought a jigsaw puzzle from me, but I think you deserve at least as much respect and courtesy as someone I meet in a store. IT'S BUSINESS. IT'S PERSONAL.


I LOVE your puzzles! Own them all. Especially appreciate the bright colors, marked borders and multiple piece shapes. How about bikes as a design? Please let me know when a new design is available.

Posted by Kahn Madelyn on January 10, 2017

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