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13 Aug

Vintage Space

Posted by John Hennessy
We have been doing the vintage space puzzle this week. It's one of the brightest, most creative images we have. It's really challenging with a big payoff. When forced to pay a lot of attention to the collage of images you notice really fun details...lots of variety. As you get nearer the finish its amazing how obvious it is where pieces go.


I love your stuff!!! All of it is my personal favorite style. I love mid-century modern, and I’m planning on using some of these as wall art.


Posted by Jim Leithliter on October 05, 2016

Over the last few years I have been doing Hennessy puzzles. I love the varied puzzle designs, the colors, the size of the puzzle, and the interesting cut of the puzzle pieces. These are some of my favorite puzzles. Most recently I am working on the Retro Space Travel puzzle. It is a lot of fun.

Posted by Jan Di Leo on September 06, 2016

Would love to see a retro Tiki- themed puzzle! In the meantime will enjoy the Vintage Hawaii.

Posted by Julie on August 14, 2016

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