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Because business IS personal

26 Apr

Thorn's Puzzle Picking Advice

Posted by John Hennessy


 I have decided to try to impress a girl by getting her a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. I’m trying to decide which one to get. I was thinking that American Musclecar Red White and Blue Puzzle looks like fun.



 Dear Bob,

 What are you nuts? That Musclecar Puzzle is really hard. If she drives a GTO and is a jigsaw puzzle maniac you may have some chance. Otherwise try to act sophisticated with the Mid Century or Vintage Trailers, or play it safe with the African Animals.



 I’m going to the mountains with some people I don’t know very well. It may be a lot of fun, but it might be awkward. Any suggestions?


Mary (not my real name)

 AKA Mary,

 Stay away from the map puzzles. People who know the territory have an advantage and if you have one of those obnoxious people who can turn anything into a competition. They will either be too happy or too unhappy. It only takes one person like that to ruin the whole weekend. Then again, if you’re that person….

 Thorn (my real name)








15 Apr

Power Outage

Posted by John Hennessy

Winds knocked the power out this morning. Without power we couldn't even look up the telephone number to report the outage. Work pretty much came to a stop.

It occurred to me that emergency kits should come with jigsaw puzzles. Always something to do. Doesn't require power. Sure, you could read, but that's not very social.  Next time there's a power outage I will make sure we have a jigsaw puzzle ready (not hard to do around here) and remember to eat the ice-cream before it melts. In the words of John Wooden, "failure to prepare is preparing for failure."

28 Mar

Puzzle Joke

Posted by John Hennessy

My brother reminded me the other day about the guys in a bar bragging about the fact they finished a 1000 piece puzzle in just a few weeks. Asked what's so special about that they pointed to the box. "Look there it says 12 plus years right on the side of the box"


23 Mar

Do A Jigsaw Get Into Harvard

Posted by John Hennessy

The son of a friend of ours just got a full ride scholarship to Harvard. She didn't let her children watch much television when they were young. She encouraged them to do jigsaw puzzles to sharpen their minds. Her son has an older sister. She's a pediatrician. Now they didn't get into Medical School and Harvard just because they were avid jigsaw puzzle fans...then again....

22 Feb

The Jigsaw Puzzle Chromosome Discovered

Posted by John Hennessy

Researchers at Hennessy Puzzle Labs in Culver City thought they had isolated the jigsaw puzzle chromosome  only realize attraction to jigsaws is a result of an almost infinite combination of genes that can be found in almost anyone: young and old, rich and poor, neat and sloppy. Experiments to figure out who is likely to like jigsaws has pretty much been determined to be a waste of time...